Boost Your Feel Good Approach to Life!

Our lifestyle and diet in these stress-filled times is often compromised and results in lowered ‘feel good’ serotonin levels within our brain. As a result, many people are overweight, crave sugar and other carbohydrates, experience bouts of depression, get frequent headaches, and have vague muscle aches and pains.

Even those who regularly exercise or watch their diet may still struggle with these issues and erratic sleep patterns, as they get older. All of these symptoms can be reduced by naturally increasing serotonin levels in the brain.

We’ve had ongoing delighted customer feedback about the excellent effects of Health Script vitamins. The key is the combination of vitamins and minerals in our formulas that create just the right balance. In our PM Relax & Sleep supplement it is the magic mix of the 11 ingredients with 5HTP and Valerian making the difference. 5-HTP (5 Hydroxytryptophan) is an amino acid that is the intermediate step between tryptophan and the critical brain chemical serotonin.

Extensive international evidence suggests that low serotonin levels are a common consequence of modern living and contribute to depression and sleeplessness. We’ve noticed that many of our customers are those suffering hormonal imbalances during midlife when stress and sleeplessness seem to peak. Their excellent response to this product in combination with our AM Feel Alive energy boosting multi-vitamin has improved their mental and physical well being. Although 5-HTP was relatively unknown in New Zealand, it has been available through pharmacies for several years and has been intensely researched for the past three decades.

It has been available in several European countries as a medicine since the 1970s. Its popularity overseas is due to the many advantages natural 5-HTP has over the chemical L-tryptophan. Firstly, because it is one step closer to serotonin, 5-HTP is more effective than L-tryptophan. 5-HTP is also inherently safer. Although L-tryptophan is safe if properly prepared and free of the contaminants linked to severe allergic reaction known as eosinophilia myalgia syndrome (EMS), L-tryptophan is still produced with the help of bacterial fermentation.

In contrast, 5-HTP is isolated from a natural source – a seed from an African plant (Griffonia simplicifolia). Evidence that this natural source of 5-HTP does not cause EMS is provided by researchers who have studied 5-HTP for over 25 years. They state that EMS has never appeared in the patients who received only uncontaminated L-tryptophan or (5-HTP). There are also several studies that show 5-HTP is equal to or better than standard antidepressant drugs and the side effects are much less severe. The natural effect 5-HTP has in supporting Serotonin levels in the brain, is why it is so effective in improving sleep patterns and reducing stress.

Finally, with all the recent negative press and health issues associated with conventional sleeping medications, it’s worth considering a natural sleep remedy like PM Relax & Sleep, which won’t leave you with that awful chemical hangover from chemical sleep medicine.

Health Script’s natural products are Dairy and Gluten free and made to the highest GMP standards here in New Zealand. They are available online at – use promo code LiveLong to enjoy $10.00 off and free delivery for any two products purchased. They are also available from Huckleberry Farms Harvest Whole Foods in Grey Lynn, Auckland.


Do You Need a Multi-Vitamin?

What am I looking for again? Can’t remember a name? Having trouble sleeping? Feeling anxious about things that didn’t used to bother you before? Suffering with body aches and low energy levels?

Lack of sleep, stress, low levels of nutrition and poor lifestyle habits can contribute to irritating changes in your brain and body function. As we age our bodies are less effective at extracting vitamins from our food and we become starved of essential nutrients to function at our optimum. A vitamin deficiency can be the root cause of many of your symptoms.

Health Script Ltd designs their own vitamin formulas here in New Zealand. They’re made to the highest quality standards under strict GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) guidelines, which is audited and certified by Medsafe (part of the Ministry of Health). Every ingredient is independently tested to guarantee its quality and purity. Gluten, dairy, soy, nut and bee-product free with no additives, preservatives or colourants.

Health Script’s premium quality AM Feel Alive multi vitamin and PM Relax and Sleep Dual Pack has 35 essential minerals and vitamins. The Dual pack has more antioxidants than most leading brands with 6,000mg of grape seed extract along with other essential nutrients. Our customers are delighted after experiencing big improvements in their overall energy levels, concentration and sleeping patterns. Another outstanding product is Health Script’s JointFX which blends ancient and modern remedies, giving you anti-inflammatory nutrients for joint, cartilage and muscle recovery.

We’re offering a special promo for Growups readers. You’ll get $5 off and FREE delivery when buying online. Just copy this promo code LiveLife online or click the mail order option (for manual payment), on the delivery page and you’ll get 60 (two months supply), quality capsules made and manufactured right here in New Zealand for only $39.95.

Why take our word for it?  See what our independent customers are saying.

What Makes a  Top Quality Multi Vitamin?

GMP Approved: New Zealand has strict regulations governing the labeling and contents of health supplements and vitamins. Make sure you buy GMP approved products.

Complete: We need at least 30 different vitamins and minerals says the latest scientific research. Health Script AM Feel Alive is a complete multi-vitamin to boost your energy levels and improve your concentration.

Guaranteed  Quality: The best health supplements are put through rigorous quality testing so you get exactly what it says on the label.

Bio-available: The nutrients must be in the most bio-available form. Natural  and free of artificial preservatives, dyes, allergens or other contaminants.

You be the Judge: Try another formula if a multi-vitamin doesn’t make you feel better within the first 30-60 days. All your symptoms may not have improved in that time, but you should notice a real improvement in your overall energy levels and wellbeing.

Find out more about top quality vitamins, formulated and made here in New Zealand at:

Is Vitamin Deficiency holding you back?

Here’s an interesting article about vitamin deficiency in older people, particularly women in their forties and older. This reinforces the role a good quality mult-vitamins like AM PM from can help support the right balance of nutrients in your system so you feel and look your best 24 hours a day. I’ve uploaded it on our FaceBook page so you can check out other relevant information and articles too. Please LIKE us too to get access to promo codes and special  discounts on our products.

Health Script’s products are certified GMP quality and Medsafe approved. See our website for more information and a list of stockist if you want to see them for yourself. Otherwise buy online and have them couriered to your door for free with promo codes available on request. Email

On Your Bike!

By the time I was 45 I was over loud, crowded, sweaty gyms, and stressed and frantic in a corporate job. So I had that age-old excuse of “no time”.  I took a variety of vitamins to maintain and support my health but knew this wouldn’t do the trick on its own. After a couple of years of wallowing and becoming increasingly guilty at my lack of activity, I took up cycling.  How hard could it be? Back in the day I cycled 5km to school and back, not like lazy, computer playing kids of today conveyed to school by car or bus while chowing on takeaways!

My husband, a keen cyclist, was delighted. He swooped in with all kinds of advice, he even bought me a bike. I cunningly bought some Lycra gear so no one would know I was a novice – yeah right. An intense discussion ensued around pedals and bicycle clips. I hadn’t factored in any of this but went along for the proverbial ride. Clips then? Yip.  I omitted to say he is VERY economical with his communication. I had no practice and therefore no understanding of how the clips worked. I was mildly alarmed when I watched him screw the pedal lock things under the cycling shoes and change the pedals into some weird looking metal contraption that the shoes would now clip into. No matter. If he worked them, surely I could.

Early on Saturday morning, I transformed myself into a pseudo-tour de France contender, trussed up in tight fitting Lycra from nobly knees to neck. I complained about the thick padded crotch and was convinced I looked like I was wearing four incontinence pads as I duck-waddled to my bicycle. Helmet – check. Gloves – check. Water bottle – check. Anxious – hell yeah!  With a look from him and a grunt that sounded like “follow me” we took off.

I fumbled and wobbled and after about two blocks managed to get both my shoes into the cleats. That would’ve been reassuring, if I wasn’t so frightened about how to get OUT of them. There was so much to watch out for, trucks, people, dogs, traffic, parked vehicles, and of course my husband. I struggled to keep up with him and then a red traffic light. I slowed and started to wriggle my right foot, trapped in the pedal. I frantically watched the back of him disappear around the corner and slammed on the brakes, falling hard to the right, both shoes still cleated into the racing pedals. Had anyone seen me? NO. This is the reason cyclists go out really early in the morning! I scrambled up, my elbow, knee and thigh bleeding – miraculously through the Lycra, which remained intact.

I leapt back on the bike. I can do this. Frantically ridding in his general direction and now aware of Le technique, was no assurance that I could execute it! Get at least one foot out and ready to hit the road before the traffic lights. Another set of lights and another fall. Sensibly, I fell on the left ,to balance out the grazes and bruising, now on both sides of my body. During that first ride I fell about 5 times and travelled about 30km. The second time I only fell once. I rode most of the time with one foot out of the cleats and balanced precariously on top the metal pedal clip – it inadvertently slipped into position and I fell at the next stop street. I argued for “real” pedals and he insisted I would never learn to ride “properly” and I didn’t. I gave up after several attempts and one race along the coast where I came in the last third of the pack. Some years later he confessed at a dinner party that something was wrong with the cleats themselves that should just slide out easily. Ummmmmmmm.

Now ten years later, I walk, jog and listen to music as I move through the park or along the coast. It’s calm and pleasant, my cycling scars have almost healed – just the psychological ones remain. I did ride again, about a year ago, with real pedals to see if I could get to work each day. In Mission Bay an idiot in a 4WD swung his door out from a parked position, I shouted, swerved to miss being hit head on by his ignorant manouvre and went into the oncoming lane. Fortunately, for me, there was no traffic and I survived – unlike the young woman killed on Tamaki drive two weeks after this. That was the end of my cycling. I will stay firmly on terra firma and enjoy the stress-free ease of moving at my own pace and in my own style.

Enjoy Successful Aging

Live longer, healthier and look better too

You don’t have to starve yourself, or miss out on tasty treats….or pound the pavements for hours a day to keep fit and healthy. I firmly believe that a little of what you love does you good – as long as it’s not EVERY DAY!!

Moderation with food and also moderation with exercise. See what they say here about maximising the results of your efforts:

Getting your heart rate up for 20-30 second intervals helps burn fat and improves your overall fitness. This is far more effective than a gentle stroll around the shops (as much as we all love that!). And NO – house work doesn’t count!

Think of cave men – after all that’s where we came from and how we are biologically designed. They were constantly moving and sometimes in very stressful conditions and at speed! So it makes sense to consider “Interval” training so you rest and relax your breathing and give your body a break inbetween pushing it hard, lifting that heart rate and your breathing in between. In the link above they say 20 minutes of this a day and you’ll be fit and flourishing in no time.

Eat a balanced diet, drink lots of water and keep moving – especially if you are over 30. It’s hard to drag yourself around the park in winter – but that’s the time your body needs it most. The tendency to slouch on the couch and eat more stodgy food is always higher during cold weather – so keep yourself in check. Lifting a few weights won’t do any harm either and keeps your muscle tone in good condition. Good quality supplements – a multi-vitamin to ensure you get all the nutrients you need will help support you healthy aging programe! ENJOY!


Ten Stress Indicators – How stressed are You?

Read the ten points below and if you answer yes to 3 or more of these indicators, then you are living a stressful existence. If you respond to 5 or more of the statements below, then you are seriously stressed and need to take some positive action to improve your health and well being.

  • Broken sleep, resulting in less than 5 hours sleep a night
  • Feeling overwhelmed and drained by day to day activities
  • Mood swings, quick to anger or upset with family and work colleagues
  • Memory loss and concentration issues. Distracted at work or with family demands
  • Headaches, sore eyes, tension in shoulders and neck.
  • Over eating or snacking the wrong foods in a rush. Or under eating and effectively “starving” becoming mal-nourished through bad eating habits.
  • No time or motivation to exercise. Can’t be bothered about much these days.
  • Body aches and pains, digestive issues and mid-life problems.
  • Sometimes just want to run away from it all and hide. Don’t want to face each day – fantasize about escaping the job, home, country etc.
  • Tired and exhausted when only half way through another demanding and stressful day – fall asleep at any opportunity but cant stay asleep.

We’re not getting any younger – so doing all you can to ensure you maintain your mental and physical well being, and enjoy healthy aging is a good start. Using the right skin care, getting a good hair cut and buying a new outfit with a great pair shoes will temporarily make you feel good. But what about the real you on the inside? Just how stressed are you and also what effect is it having on your appearance? Nothing ages your mind and body faster than stress and can be a trigger for serious illness too.

Vitamin Deficiency contributes to feelings of stress and exhaustion

A major contributing factor to feeling under par and exhausted with an over-reactive response to stress, is vitamin deficiency. This is particularly evident as we age. Your body becomes less efficient at extracting the nutrients you need to function at your optimum and feel in balance.

Add to this toxic mix, the stress of work and demands at home and you’ll soon feel distressed, sleepless and exhausted and on the road to feeling down and de-motivated, if not depressed.

Taking a top quality multi-vitamin is the first step to boosting your energy and getting yourself back on track. Health Script’s two-part breakthrough formula in the AM PM Dual Pack is uniquely designed to deliver the nutrients you need to energise you during the daytime with the AM

and another completely different formula for the evening in the PM

which you take in the evenings to unwind and relax for a good night’s sleep. To learn more or buy online

It stands to reason, if you sleep better, you’ll feel better. If your energy levels are enhanced, you’ll cope better and feel great. You’ll look great and have the energy to cope with day to day frustrations.

It will take about 2-3 weeks of regularly taking the AM in the morning and the  PM at night, to notice improvements. These are not drugs, contain no chemicals and are dairy and gluten free. Vitamins need regular absorption to bring your body back into balance. Then you’ll start to feel on top of the world! You’ll have more motivation to exercise, take charge of your life and be better at coping with the daily stresses at work and home. But why take our word for it? See our customer feedback

Return From France

Returned on the weekend after three weeks in France. They really have things sorted. Their cities actually function for the people living in them. How?

Every city and village is alive with a sense of community. The design of every block having a central square with trees and the buildings surrounding it, even with intersecting roads at times, means that people flock to local cafes. There are millions of them everywhere. The shops are on the ground level and then the owners and general populous live above the first level.

This means the cities and villages are alive with people. They flock to the cobbled square nearest them and sit down and enjoy a drink or a meal and chat to one another. Their town planning was done centuries ago and far more people centric than ours!

Every 500m it seems is another square and another range of shops, cafes and vegetable shops. There’s very little evidence of major department stores, even in Paris. The old fashioned small shops and everyone chatting and making a living, rather than massive conglomerates schmoozing the consumer en mass in shopping malls is rare. We did visit one, and were cured. Just like being at home – crowded and noisy with no village atmosphere.

We could do a lot to improve our cities and the quality of the lives of those who live in them by making some simple changes. Traffic free central squares and encourage people to live in them above shops, which service the area. Voila! You have a village atmosphere within a city. The place is alive – you can feel the buzz. It was uplifting and positive – it was summer too of course and being on holiday always helps! But what a healthy, easy way of living.

Well enough of all that – the coal face beckons – so am safely back in harness and at home. Good to be back home in NZ too, but I now understand why not many of our immigrants come from Europe!